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Kids Parties

Face Painting is a fun entertainment and attraction for all the family and friends at parties.

Children love the reaction and attention they get from children and adults when they have been painted.

Frozen princess, Spiderman, Batman, butterflies and fairies are a few of the designs that we can proposee.

Birthday, Reunion School, Wedding reception (let us entertain the kids so that you can enjoy the reception), Halloween...

Adults Events

Face painting always attracts the attention of adults and teens too !!!! They go crazy too .

This is great activity for : Birthday, Sweet Sixteen, Graduation, Corporate event of all kinds, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, Shower, Holiday, Halloween,  Daycare, Grand Opening, Mardi Gras parties, Company Picnics, Thema parties, Family or Friends Fun Nights...

Anywhere there’s a party, Chic Séduction is sure to add that extra sparkle to make your event a magical memory !


First hour : S$ 250

Each Additional hour : S$ 100

Maximum : 20 kids



S$180 / hour {2 h min)

Package S$ 600 / 4 hours

Transport will be charged at $20 per session ( less than 10 km ride)

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If you are looking for a face painter for an event, you will want to know that the person you employ is a dedicated professional. We know when painting is inadvisable and will not paint someone who :

  • Has obvious allergies or skin conditions such as eczema

  • Has open wounds, sores on the skin, visible cold sores or conjunctivitis

  • Is obviously not comfortable about being painted, is crying or upset,

  • Is too young to sit still enough to be painted safely


Chic Séduction reserve the right not to paint a design they consider offensive or unsuitable

Products : we use only the best water based professional face/body art makeup on the market such as : Mehron Paradise, Kryolan, TAG, Snazaroo, Diamond FX and others for all my face and body art work.

All the ingredients in these products comply with FDA regulations and are safe and gentle to be used on the skin. You can wash off with warm water and mild soap.

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